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防犯カメラシステム工事 大阪

Are your security and safety countermeasures completely effective?
Installing security and surveillance cameras are effective in preventing crimes. With the added attention given to accident prevention, this leads to increased safety and maintains and improves manners and morals.
Show us your site, such as parking lot, condominium, factory, school, office, convenience store, gasoline station, etc., and let us propose the ideal camera system for you.

Fixed Security camea固定用防犯カメラ

Standard security camera

Choose from a wide variety of lens types from wide angle to telephoto.
Installable to all kinds of locations.

・Convenience stores
・Home improvement stores
・Home appliance stores
・Recycling shops
・Police stations
・Shoplifting countermeasures
・Intruder and theft countermeasures
・Customer logging

Dome type security cameraドーム型防犯カメラ

Smartly designed, the dome cover is soil and impact resistant.

・Boutique shops
・Jewelry stores
・Manga coffee shops
・Movie theaters
・Cram schools

Outdoor camera
(with housing)

Waterproof construction resists rain and dust for outdoor installations

・Parking lots
・Gasoline stations
・Car burglaries, theft countermeasures, etc.

Infrared security camera
(night vision camera)赤外線防犯カメラ

Even in dark locations, a subject is illuminated with infrared light and captured with the infrared light as illumination.
Security cameras using high-sensitivity CCDs and those with a built-in infrared light are available.

・Train stations
・Bicycle parking lots
・Parking lots
(effective as a countermeasure for car break-ins and theft at night)

Pan and tilt zoom
Security camera

Choose a location to view from afar and zoom up to view.

・Pachinko parlors
・Slot machine shops
・Condominium entrances

Network camera

Security cameras with built-in network functions can be remotely monitored over the Internet.
Still images can also be managed from your cell phone.

・Parking lots
・Expressway interchanges

360° all-around view network camera
Unobtrusive design

Enables monitoring/recording of a room with a 360° view using a single camera. Remote monitoring is also possible.

・Condominium entrances
・Ordinary roads
・Big-box stores
・Shopping malls


駐車場 防犯カメラ
マンション 防犯カメラ
工事 防犯カメラ
事務所 防犯カメラ
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店舗 防犯カメラ