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光ケーブル工事 新日通

Let us construct (design and install) your network. We select and propose cable installations to meet customer needs and fully take advantage of the performance of optical cables (multimode, single mode, etc.).

光ケーブル工事 新日通


Optical fibers are communication cables using light for transmitting signals.
Optical fibers were formerly considered expensive. However, as the demand for optical fibers increased in recent years with the advances in network capacity and speed, their prices have dropped.
Moreover, the devices for connecting optical fibers have also dropped in price. Please contact us if you are considering the use of optical fibers in your factory LAN.

We will build (design and install) a network by proposing and selecting an installation reflecting customer needs to fully take advantage of the performance of optical cables.

The optical fibers most often used for data communications are divided into two types: multimode and single mode.
The multimode includes the step index type and the graded index type and the single mode includes the general-purpose type, dispersion shifted type, and non-zero dispersion shifted type for a total of five major types of optical fibers.
The most commonly used are the graded index type for multimode fibers and the general-purpose type for single mode fibers.

Graded-Index Optical Fiber (GI)

Standard core diameters of 50 μm and 62.5 μm are available with the core’s refractive index evenly distributed.
Although the transmission loss is high compared to the single mode fiber, optical fiber connections are easy and network devices are inexpensive making them widely used for short-distance data communications.

General-Purpose Single-Mode Optical Fiber (SM)

An optical fiber for single-mode use by reducing the core diameter. Distortion of the propagated signal due mode differences is not generated to provide an extremely wide bandwidth characteristic. Having low transmission loss and excellent characteristics, this optical fiber is suited for trunk networks requiring high quality and stable communications.