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Consult with Shinnittsu if you have problems such as “not enough outlets,” “outlets are overloaded,” and “circuit breaker trips.” Let us handle all your electrical needs, such as office buildings, department stores, commercial facilities, and public facilities.

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Have you ever overloaded your outlet and panicked when your circuit breaker tripped?
In recent years, as more air purifiers and humidifiers for maintaining the office environment are installed in addition to the OA equipment, and foot electric heaters may also be used at the desk during winter, these electrical equipment draw large amounts of current and can cause the circuit breaker to trip.

“We’d like to improve our electrical wiring but we can’t figure out our electrical circuits and can’t just turn off our electricity…”
Changing your office layout is your chance to let us check and fix your electrical wiring one section at a time.

For electrical facility design, installation, management, and electrical consulting, consult Shinnittsu for all your electrical needs.

Telephone and LAN installations can be done at the same time as electrical installation.