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When moving offices, removal of telephone equipment from the old office and installation to the new office.

Along with an increase in the number of employees or expanded operations, installations requiring adding and expanding business telephones.

When opening a new office, starting a business or going independent, we will propose installations (cost reduction plans) to match your network scale, budget and needs.

Moving telephone systems when changing office layouts.

No problem reducing future costs -- using PHS instead of extension lines eliminates the need for installing the lines for wired telephones, which are costly to move when changing layouts.

We can propose plans to help you save on telephone costs by installing an optical telephone system with your branch offices and affiliate companies.

Are you paying too much to installers when you have a telephone or LAN problem or when you need work done to your telephone or LAN? Let Shinnittsu handle all your telephone and LAN needs with a monthly maintenance fee.

Replace your original large telephone exchange with one that is not only smaller but with higher capacity!

Tidy up messy wiring! Also neatly organize your main distribution frame (MDF)!