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LAN工事 電気工事 大阪 東京
LAN Installations Telephone
Fiber Optic Cable
Security Camera
Raised Floor



Business Telephones OA Equipment Security Equipment Miscellaneous


工事手順 1 LAN工事 電気工事 大阪 東京 
Inquire via e-mail or online form.
工事手順 2 LAN工事 電気工事 大阪 東京 We visit and survey the customer's site for our estimate.
工事手順 3 LAN工事 電気工事 大阪 東京 Our customer receives our estimate and detailed explanation.
工事手順  LAN工事 電気工事 大阪 東京 Our customer issues a work order and we schedule the work.
工事手順 5 LAN工事 電気工事 大阪 東京 Our installer visits the customer and proceeds with the installation.
工事手順 6 LAN工事 電気工事 大阪 東京 After we complete the installation, we issue an installation certificate. During our warranty period, we will deal with post-installation problems without extra charge.


We issue warranties for all installations after completion regardless of size.

The warranty is good for three months after completion of the installation and we will service free of charge any problem that develops during this time.
This warranty only covers the cost of materials, onsite service, and labor related to the installation.

If you're looking for an installer, rest assured that you can rely on our quality after-sales service support.

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